1. The motto of the school is “Lead me from darkness to light.”
  2. All the students must be in school at 8.50 i,e 10 minutes before the warning bell.The warning bell before the class is a signal forall to go to the assembly. After the assembly they should go totheir classroom,get their books ready in silence, and prepare forthe beginning of class. Changes of classrooms betweenperiods should be done in discipline and order. When teachersenter and leave the classroom, the students are to stand andgreet them in the customary way and give them properattention and respect.
  3. Conduct that is injurious to the moral tone of the school or therights of others and not in accord with the required discipline isliable to incur suspension or dismissal.
  4. Students are not allowed to receive visitors or make phone calls.They will not be permitted to leave their class to answer a phonecall. Only if the matter is very urgent will the students be calledto the phone.
  5. No students may leave the school premises during school hours orrecess without the prior permission of the principal.
  6. Students are expected to take good care of their books and personalbelongings.Valuable articles may not be brought to school.The school is not responsible for lost or stolen goods.
  7. Care must be taken of school property and restitution made fordamaged articles.Students are forbidden to scratch or write onfurniture, walls, or windows or to write in library books or otherschool books or magazines or spoil them in any destructive way.
  8. Students from class III are encouraged to join at least one activityof the school and they must be regular in attending the activityonce they have given in their names. Students are not allowed tochange the activity once they are enrolled in the activity register.Under any serious circumstances if change needed a writtenletter should be produced to the Principal by the parent within a month.
  9. Any student desiring to be exempted from PT or gamesmust produce a doctor’s certificate to the effect that he/she isphysically unfit to take part.
  10. No student should be sent to school if suffering from a contagiousor infectious disease.
  11. Students should only bring to school their textbooks. Other books or magazines,if thought to be useful, may be brought only withthe approval of the class teacher or the principal. Magazines and books (other than texts or library books) will be confiscated anddisposed of. The same applies to videos and audio cassettes mobile, pen drives or chips.
  12. Students may not offer presents to their teachers except in thosecircumstances sanctioned by the principal.
  13. Every student should carry the school diary and wear the ID carddaily.
  14. No student is entitled to enter the class unless he/she is cleanand neatly dressed in the school uniform.
  15. The students should bring their tiffin with them in the morning.Parents are requested not to disturb the office staff in thisconnection.


Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays

Girls: Box pleated skirt in Navy blue and Sky blue stripedshirt for classes I to VII.Navy blue pants and coat with half sleeved shirt for classes VIII to X.
Boys: Navy blue shorts, sky blue striped shirts to class I to IV. Navy blue pants and sky blue striped shirts V to X.
Socks:Navy blue with 2 white strips Sports Uniform:Wednesdays
Girls:Ash pants with House colour T Shirt & over coat, belt, black keds and white socks, black shoes.
Boys : Ash pants with House colour T shirt, belt, blackshoes, white socks.

Hair Style shall be treated as part of school uniformElaborate / fashionable hair styles are strictly not allowed.
Boys :Ordinary simple hair cut.
Girls :Long Hair : Single brade with black hair band
Short hair :Pony tail with black hairband Bob cut hair: Wear black hairband


  • It is mandatory for all students to wear their school ID card while in the school campus
  • It is compulsory that all students come to school only instipulated school uniform even on days of special functionsand rehearsals, unless specified otherwise.
  • On rainy days the students may use only black strappedSandals.
  • Low waist pants are not permitted in campus.
  • The shirt is to be tucked in properly.
  • The buttons of the Shirt should not be kept open
  • Girls must use only black hair bands and clips.
  • Girls must wear slips or tights as applicable to their uniform.
  • All boys must wear vests.
  • Shoes must be clean and neatly polished everyday.
  • Personal hygiene is to be maintained.
  • No jewellery is permitted except small ear studs for girls.

Students are not permitted to:

  • Grow / polish their nails
  • Colour their hair
  • Use Eyeliner / eye shadows
  • If a student makes any alteration in the pattern or thestitching of the uniforms as is prescribed by the school,disciplinary action maybe initiated by the authorities, aftermaking a record of a warning in the student’s diary.


  1. Students are not allowed to enter in other class rooms even during the intervals, without specific permission therefor.
  2. No books, newspapers or periodicals other than school booksmay be brought to the school without the approval of thePrincipal. Mobile phones and CDs, pen drives, tabs etc are notpermitted to be brought to school.
  3. No meeting, party or picnic, or any kind of organized school activity shall be arranged without the prior approval of thePrincipal.
  4. Speaking in English is compulsory at the school, and whilewaiting at the bus stop to board the bus. Defaulters will befined.
  5. School premises and class rooms must be kept clean andtidy.
  6. No behavior affecting the discipline of the school will bepermitted. Students shall keep silence and decorum inthe class rooms and corridors.
  7. It is not necessary for students to bring sweets to school ontheir birthday. They can instead contribute that amount towardscharity.
  8. The school expects students to be polite, friendly and wellbehaved in and outside the school. They should be respectfulto their elders and teachers, and considerate to their juniors;honest and truthful at all times.
  9. Students are not allowed to enter teacher’s staff roomwithout permission or in the absence of any teacher. Onemergency needs only classleaders are allowed to enter bypermission.
  10. Any damage caused to the property of the school or of otherstudents must be reported to the Principal and will haveto be compensated.
  11. Students shall be responsible for the safe custody of theirbelongings. It is suggested that the student’s name and classbe inscribed on all articles. Lost articles deposited in the SchoolOffice/Reception/the Principal’s Office must be claimedwithin a week.
  12. Every student shall endeavor to keep up the high standardof the school by excelling in studies, good manners anddeportment / personal conduct. Politeness and courtesy inspeech and conduct as well as cleanliness are to be
    cultivatedand cherished.
  13. Students are expected to behave with dignity outside the schoolpremises also. Any activities of the student outside the schoolpremises or in public places, which may harm the name,reputation and discipline of the School will be addressed and disciplinary action will be initiated if found necessary.
  14. Money should not be lent or borrowed from among students.No articles may be exchanged with other students.
  15. Whenever students are permitted to wear casual clothes, theymust be modestly and suitably attired for school.
  16. Students are forbidden to have gold ornaments, mobile phones,Ipods, Cameras, Laptops, tabs or any other electronic things inthe School. If found in possessionthe articles will beconfiscated.There shall not be too much money or expensivethings with them.


  1. All fees are to be paid in three instalments. i,e in June, Oct. and Jan. respectively After that a fine of Rs. 10 will be added to the due payment counting every day till the payment date. The child’s name will be struck of the roll without further information if payment is not made for two instalments. Re-admission will depend on the availability of seats, and a re-admission fee will becharged. No student is excused from late fine. Final exam in March may not be written unless all dues have been cleared.
  2. Parents kindly preserve the receipts issued to you andproduce them in proof of payment, if needed.
  3. No deduction is made in school fees due to the absence of astudent from class.
  4. While unnecessary changes will not be made in the fees, the Governing Body of the institution reserves the right to increasethe fees in accordance with the salary increase and cost ofmaintenance.


The students belong to one of the four houses.Julie, Tagore, Gandhi, Nehru
The house colours are Blue for Julie, Yellow for Tagore, Green for Gandhi,Red for Nehru. Each house under its house captainsand assistants tries to live upto the ideals of the patron. The housesystem provides opportunities for the students to work in co-operationwith team members in studies, sports and other activities.