Notre Dame provides ample opportunity to all students to form their multiple intelligence through various CCA & club activities. It is therefore obligatory for every student to participate in one CCA and one Club activity. The individual permance of the students is assessed and evaluated to make the CCA more objective and scientific.

One of the major objective of school education is to prepare a student for life. This really means that a student must grow in several dimensions as they move from primary to secondary school. They should know how to take informed decisions as young adolescents who are about to step into a world. They need to develop and grow in their ability to interact with their peergroup, society and the community. The school offers various co-scholastic activities to integrate and help students to develop the ability to cope with the change and flexibility to adopt to a rapidly changing environment.

The variety of clubs in the school promotes student’s all around development. The teacher in charge of each club takes initiative to conduct and organize number of activities along with the students leaders in the club. Each club consists of 35-40 students with an elected President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. While President of the club conducts activities under the guidance of the teacher, the Secretary keeps the minutes of the meeting and the Treasurer maintains the accounts of the club. At the end of each month the report of the club activities are submitted to the principal. All the clubs meet on last Friday of the month along with the teachers incharge.